RBC bearing FAQS

QWhat's Linear ball bearings

ALinear ball bearings (also called ball bushings or shaft guides) are an economic and widely used linear guide system for many applications. Three elements are defining the guide system: linear ball bearings, housings for bearings, and precision shafts. Its modularity in diameter size combined with the different bearing, housing and shaft types underlines ease of use and simplicity of installation. Shaft guides provide low friction guiding with unlimited stroke capabilities. Our linear ball bearings are available in compact LBB range (ISO series 1) and standard LBC range (ISO series 3). For both ranges, We offers a variety of single, tandem and quadro units with the respective shaft blocks and shaft supports. Different materials and pre-defined design standards on precision shafts complete the offer. We linear ball bearings and units are pre-lubricated with high-performance We grease LGEP2. When using We double-lip seals (2LS), many applications will not require relubrication because the theoretical relubrication interval exceeds the bearing life. Bearings with shaft diameter 5 mm and smaller are not pre-lubricated.

QWhat's rail guides (LM guides)

AWe profile rail guides (LM guides) are precise rolling bearings for linear movements suitable for many machines. The profiled guideways consist of rails and carriages (Blocks) with recirculating rolling elements within the carriages (Blocks). They are made for nearly unlimited strokes. Profile rails are available in many designs and sizes, and can be fit to any linear movement. One differentiation is the rolling element: ball or roller and another is the range: miniature, standard and roller standard. The main features are high load carrying capacity using a compact design resulting in high performance rigidity and accuracy. All profile rail guides from our use modular components. Each rail, carriage and / or accessory of the same series and size can be combined

QHow we help you choose linear guide ?

AOur solid and comprehensive application knowledge combined with engineering expertise is putting customer needs into tailor-made solutions. Focusing on client specific requests, Our engineers support you in focus niches and volume applications to put a cost-effective solution in place. Understanding solid linear technology enables us to create new solutions based on proven processes and various basic components. Different carriage lengths and hole patterns in carriage (block) and rails enable easy mounting and fit to purpose design. Specific in automation applications like pick and place, various solutions will be realized.

QWhat's precision rail guides ?

AOur precision rail guides are highly accurate products for linear motion and are ideally suited for use in a wide variety of industrial and medical applications. They are available in many different designs, sizes and standard lengths and can incorporate ball, roller or needle roller assemblies or slide coatings.we offers the widest range of dimensions and accuracy classes, to meet the demand of different applications. The use of precise linear bearings allows very rigid, smooth running and very accurate designs of linear guides. The non-recirculating rolling elements together with the modular design principle enables the highest precision. we offers highly sophisticated Anti-Creeping Systems enabling increased accuracy, higher accelerations and reliable installation.